QUICK SUMMARY: Use interactive apps, focus the attention of users through motion and set up seamless transitions between pages to increase ecommerce sales

by Denis Avramenko Founder & Art Director of Adencys denis@adencys.com

Increase ecommerce sales

Checklist to increase your ecommerce sales

1. Add interactive 3D scenes with a 360 view of the product or integrate virtual try-on AR apps to boost sales and reduce the number of returns.

2. Focus the attention of users on the CTA and key elements of the site. Use animated buttons, e-commerce tips, and even complex transitions and hover effects.

3. Set up seamless transitions between pages to enhance user experience and optimize site speed by avoiding page reloading. This ensures smoother navigation and keeps users engaged.

4. Inform users when they perform actions on the site and help them interact with the store. For example, add smooth animations of the cart when adding a product or animate products in categories when changing filters to indicate that the new settings have been applied.

5. Add visual effects to improve brand appeal and convey the brand message through interactions, including parallax effects and smooth scrolling, as well as the animation of text and elements.

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